What's New in using Hewlett Packard Enterprise Virtual Labs

What's New in using HPE vLabs

2021, Aug 8 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.12

  • Instructors have access to a grid of screen thumbnails showing their students' recent activity.
  • Icon to toggle password visibility.
  • Various bug fixes.

2021, Feb 27 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.11

  • Upgrade of the HTML5 RDP engine (6.0)
  • Improved shadowing speed.
  • Japanese language support.

2020, Oct 24 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.10

  • New Virtual Keyboard. Use the keyboard icon in the left toolbar to toggle the virtual keyboard if your physical keyboard has problems with specific keys, or you just want to use a virtual instead of physical keyboard.

2020, May 23 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.9

  • Improved Instructor Toolkit. The instructor can view the status of vApps and VMs of all his students, as well as start and shutdown individual VMs.

2020, Mar 14 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.8

  • Automatic shutdown and wake-up of unused vApps.

2020, Feb 15 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.7

  • Improved expandable toolbar.
    • Optional expandable tree detailing labgroup equipment available along with access details and any further relevant information.
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes.

2019, Nov 2 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.6

  • Improved Instructor Toolkit. It includes:
    • Instructor Links: environment guide, ticket form, feedback form.
    • Class Status: student 'online' indicators with shadow links or RDP connect buttons.
    • Reservation Information.

2019, Mar 30 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.5

  • Improved tracking of the time spent connected to the gateway by each user.
  • Improved tracking of each session type.
  • Total time spent by each user is now available in global reports.

2018, Aug 18 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.4

  • New power button icon and menu item to let student revert his/her vApp to 'day 1' state (for specific courses)

2018, Apr 28 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.3

  • Upgrade of the HTML5 RDP engine (5.5)
  • Code changes to support vLabs Scheduler 2.0
  • Polish keyboard support

2017, May 13 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.2

  • The login form remembers your keyboard choice (saved to local browser storage).
  • Auto logout after 2 hours of inactivity in the browser with a warning pop-up 5 minutes prior to auto-logout.
  • Instructors have an additional "class status" tab on the "More Information" (light bulb) dialog, indicating which of your students has a currently active gateway session – Who’s logged in ?
  • Instructors have an additional icon on the toolbar called "Instructor Links", giving access to reservation and respective course specific URLs such as:
    • Course Environment Guide
    • pre-populated Support Ticket form
    • pre-populated Feedback form

2017, Feb 19 - vLabs Logins

  • Dis-similar password for instructor account, to pave the way for enhanced Instructor Tools in a future gateway release.

2017, Feb 18 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.1

  • Transparent direct login into your "Access VM" when the lab is hosted on HPE vLabs Private Cloud.
  • New clipboard icon in the left toolbar to facilitate copy/paste from the lab environment to your own PC.
  • Various bug fixes and usability enhancements.

2016, Nov 5 - vLabs Gateway - Release 1.0

  • This "Unified Gateway" release simplifies the login process for all students and eliminates the notion of geography, providing a single access point for all students, regardless of the location of their lab equipment.
  • It also provides a custom vertical toolbar to enhance the usability of the Remote Access experience, which we will be extending further over the coming months with controlled feature releases.

2016, Feb 29 - vLabs HTML5 Portals

  • Production release of our two HTML5 vLabs Portals allowing fast cross-platform clientless plugin-free browser-based access to all our remote labs.